SansDebt : Magically handle all your overdue invoices    


Leverage technology and our mediation expertise in receivable management

Our Process Simple, Automated, Effective

STEP 1 : Upload Invoice and client Information 

Upload a simple CSV template or connect to our API and configure your best terms such as installment, discount.

STEP 2 : Smart Mediation and Restructuring

Our AI autonomously reach out via different channels and mediate with empathy, flexibility and patience to ensure higher recovery rates 

STEP 3: Effortless Collection

Your overdue money arrives straight into your chosen bank account


Why SansDebt

01 Innovative AI Technology

SansDebt AI does more than just automate: it transforms your entire receivables process making it more efficient and effective.

02 Dramatic Recovery Improvement

See a significant increase in collection success rates with out AI's strategic engagement.

03 Seamless Integration and Operation

Integrates effortlessly, requiring no manual intervention and operates automatically to secure your revenue.

04 A Partner in brand Preservation

Our IA ensures every AI interaction is respectful, preserving and enhancing your brand reputation.